An Aprioric Perspicaciousness

An Aprioric Perspicaciousness

White paper and a pen
wish for me,
on a birthday of many returns
passed, yet to come.
So a thought I will,
and a thought
I may, descend
into self,
my self maintained, renewed self,
My pattern of self.
Together and with,
I feel out
an infinite creativity,
I do now
experience my stability.

Ever change,
never never.
I am dependent,
Yet I am identified.
One in once.
Always a memory,
always a surprise.

Scenes change.
familiar feelings.
Known to life,
strange to my own.
Allowed to feel all,
but not my own.

Hold on
known stranger, hold on.
I hold on to my breath.
I hold on.

Naked at the mirror
I search the night
Behind the skies
I often throw my net
And to my bewildered reminiscence
I always catch myself

A voice whispers
Find love in yourself,
and when you meet
the hungry giants of evil,
feed them
from your heart.
Then witness the fight
of success and failure,
between life and death,
and you will find
only one hero,
and the other,
does not exist.