What is Discernment?

Discernment’s call to intercede, not to condemn,
A choice to listen without bias, hearts unclenched,
In the realm of understanding, we make our stand.

Speak truth, let virtue weave its silken thread,
Hold your word true, let honor be your guide,
For promises kept, futures are brightly led.

Peel meaning from your word, a brittle shell,
Promises broken, voids echo in their wake,
A future barren, where shadows cast their spell.

No rewinds in time, yet freedom’s gift is clear,
To direct our energy, reservoirs of light,
From past’s soil, let new beginnings appear.

Reclaiming power, a process, slow but sure,
Exclusivity revoked from wrongful souls,
Healing dawns, inclusion’s light so pure.

Illustrate in friendship’s tale, a mirror’s art,
One’s deceit, another’s innocence untouched,
Taxes laid on the innocent heart.

The con artist’s sin, not borne by true friend,
Love’s grace and justice, not burdened with cost,
Offerings unshackled, boundaries mend.

“Purity lifts, does not demean or chide,
Soul’s introspection, a mirror held wide,
In pure hearts, true spirits do confide.”

In love’s embrace, both giving and receiving,
Partner’s joy unburdened by past’s strain,
Wholeness found, hearts fully believing.

Mistakes two-fold, in cautious love’s refrain,
Parts withheld, a shadow’s stubborn dance,
Love’s completeness, no room for pain.

“Discernment blooms, suspicion left behind,
A renewed spirit, wisdom’s light aligned,
Intelligence true, in Presence, we find.”

Beyond the seen and heard, discernment’s sight,
Decisions informed by heart’s open grace,
Ego’s grip released, choices take to flight.

Distinguish judgment from discerning’s view,
Comparisons fade, insecurity’s haze,
Centered presence guides, the heart anew.

Spiritual journey, integrity’s embrace,
Beliefs and actions woven into one,
True and honest, our souls’ rightful place.

Healing’s touch, discernment’s choice so keen,
Life-giving paths, in clarity they tread,
Fear’s veils lift, love’s vibrant colors seen.

Awakened discernment, higher vision’s quest,
Past’s shadows revealed, a path to mend,
In its light, our souls are truly blessed.