the waiting

Dreams in the Embrace of the Waiting Dawn

In the tender cradle of
the waiting dawn,
Where shadows waltz,
dreams are drawn.
What murmurs linger,
what questions unfold,
What is your hesitating heart told?

Does it seek permission
in the cosmic symphony,
A celestial voice
to validate its dream?
Yet, the only truth
that holds its sway,
Is the whispering cadence
of your soul’s ballet.

Does it long for a map,
a path etched in time,
An etching on eternity,
a story to enshrine?
But life’s canvas,
a story to be unfurled,
Each step, a sonnet
in the cosmic swirl.

Is it enthralled by the mirage
of tomorrow’s gaze,
A distant echo,
transcending time’s maze?
Yet, morrow is a wisp,
an ephemeral trance,
A fleeting interlude
in life’s grand dance.

In the hush of waiting,
where shadows converse,
Within their depths,
profound truths immerse.
For in the absence of light,
in silence profound,
Wisdom’s whispers
in mystery resound.

As stars emerge in
the velvet night’s embrace,
Your inner compass
guides with grace.
No need for permission,
no need for a sign,
The path to destiny
is yours to intertwine.

So, what awaits,
oh seeker within your soul?
Shed doubt’s attire,
let your spirit soar.
Embrace the unknown,
the dance of the new,
For life’s treasures await,
unveiling for you.