elegance in black

Elegance in Black

Black, a color rich and deep,
A canvas where the shadows sleep.
A mystery, a hidden gem,
A world of wonders, dark and dim.

Black, the night sky’s velvet cloak,
Where stars their brilliance softly evoke.
The depth of oceans, vast and wide,
Where secrets of the past reside.

Black, the obsidian’s glassy gleam,
A mirror to the soul, it would seem.
The panther’s coat, the raven’s wing,
A beauty that the night does bring.

Black, a color of strength and grace,
A symbol of power, in every place.
A canvas for expression bold,
A story yet to be told.

Black, a color of endless might,
A mystery that shines so bright.
In every hue, in every shade,
Black’s beauty cannot be swayed.

In the depths of night, a woman stands tall,
Her skin as rich as onyx, a beauty for all.
Her strength and grace, a sight to behold,
In ebony’s embrace, her story is told.

Her eyes like midnight, deep and wise,
Hold secrets and dreams that reach the skies.
Her hair, a history and source of pride,
A symbol of strength, impossible to hide.

In the world of shadows, she finds her light,
A beacon of hope, even in the darkest night.
With every step, she breaks the mold,
A black woman, a story of courage and bold.