eternal existence

Eternal Threads of Existence

In the web of existence, we weave our threads,
A symphony of moments, where life quietly treads.
We study, we work, and we dream of the unknown,
Setting goals for the future, seeds of dreams sown.

We travel through time, on this cosmic ride,
Achieving and collecting, our desires as our guide.
In love’s tender embrace, our hearts find their song,
Yet sometimes, we’re broken, when love doesn’t belong.

From having nothing to possessing more,
We dance through emotions, an endless shore.
Laughter and tears, our human refrain,
Pondering existence, in joy and in pain.

We create objects, breathe life into being,
And sometimes, in darkness, we’re not seeing.
We may cheat and lie, in the pursuit of gain,
Yet forgiveness and kindness, in our hearts, remain.

In this world we share, so vast and so wide,
We find richness in each other, on this thrilling ride.
Control and ownership, they’re part of the game,
But in helping one another, we’re not the same.

Survival’s the mantra, in this life we strive,
Living in harmony, where all creatures thrive.
The now, with no beginning, no end in its flight,
Embraces all dimensions, in its eternal light.

From nothingness to everything, we journey far and wide,
Witnessing the universe, with eyes open wide.
We’re the breath of the source, the word that is heard,
In this grand cosmic story, where all life is stirred.

In the beauty of nothingness, we find,
A truth that transcends all of time,
Witnessing the source, the grand design,
In this cosmic fabric, we intertwine.

As we journey through this grand display,
Witnesses to night and witnesses to day,
Connected to the source, we find our way,
In the cosmic story, we forever stay.

So let go of the “you” and let go of the “me,”
For it’s “we” that unites us, as far as eyes can see.
In the vastness of existence, in this cosmic odd,
We are witnesses together, of the universe and God.