I Wish For You

I wish for you a life lived with awareness of the blessings.
I wish you awake every morning with the sun shining light in your eyes.

I wish you fall asleep, with the reflection of the moon’s smile.
I wish for you love in your daily habits.

I wish you feel proud, of your own kin.
I wish for you to reflect your pureness to the world for you to see.

And not look and see, the world as others entertain you into seeing.
I wish for you, a day full of smiles.

I wish for you, a gratifying manifold hours,
Full of laughter, wisdom, joy and ascendence.

I wish for you, inspiration, cheers, affection and warmth.
I wish you love.

I give you love.
You give love.

And in the space between us
Love creates.