life creation

Life’s Interwoven Roles

In sands of curiosity,
we find our way,
The first step in learning,
come what may.
But curiosity, unchecked,
can lead astray,
Ignorance blooms when
meaning goes astray.

To master a topic,
to wield a skill,
Ignorance isn’t just a lack;
it’s the ill will.
Learning without discernment,
a bitter pill,
First, know what to seek,
be steadfast and still.

Curiosity, the compass
that we heed,
Learning for fulfillment,
not just for need.
Wisdom’s the rudder,
our thoughts to feed,
Meaning emerges
where truth takes the lead.

Before the deluge of
knowledge arrives,
Understand what’s needed,
where wisdom thrives.
Each part of us,
a facet of our lives,
We’re sailors and captains,
the truth derives.

The weak let themselves
be others’ domain,
No control over self,
but yearn to reign.
Cowards who’ve lost
themselves in the chain,
The brave own themselves,
break the binding strain.
Weak is the man that
has no control over himself,
The brave
owns themselves.

Freedom’s the prize
for those brave and true,
Responsibility and
consequences, too.
Graceful acceptance,
blessings imbue,
Welcoming self and others,
old and new.

As hosts or as visitors,
we each play a part,
In this dance of life,
where we all have a heart.
A guest becomes a host,
in life’s detailed design,
In this vast creation,
where roles intertwine.