Perspicacity: Threads of Home Unveiled

Don’t ask me where I am from,
I despise this question,
For I am from planet earth,
A human being with no place to call my own.

Home is where my heart is and yearns to be,
A sanctuary of love and dreams set free,
Where cultures blend like colors in the sky,
Unbounded by borders, under one cosmic sigh.

Home is where my mind is and imagines to be,
A realm of ideas, boundless and free,
Where thoughts take flight like birds in the dawn,
Guided by wonder, in the stories I spawn.

Home is where my spirit is and dreams to be,
A dance of emotions, wild and carefree,
Where passions ignite like stars in the night,
Fueled by the fire of pure, inner light.

Don’t ask me where I am from,
I have an accent in every language I speak,
A mosaic of tongues, a symphony unique,
A tapestry woven by experiences I seek.

But don’t ask me where I am from,
For identity transcends borders, it can’t be undone,
In the tapestry, a thread of resilience is spun,
A child cries within, a battle softly won.

I feel the need to blame someone,
A world unkind, where shadows overrun,
Let me blame you, let me blame them,
Yet the true enemy might lie within.

Let me blame God, for moments unclear,
In the depths of despair, in the face of my fear,
Let me blame dad, a flawed guiding star,
Yet his lessons are etched, both near and far.

Let me blame the war, that tore lives apart,
A canvas of chaos, a testament to the heart,
Let me blame the closed-minded, ignorant souls,
Yet forgiveness can mend what prejudice stole.

Full of rage, yet unable to scream,
A turbulent river, a silent dream,
Now I’m at peace, a tranquil stream,
Acceptance and growth, like sunbeams that gleam.

My name is Joseph, a story to be told and continued,
In the book of existence, a chapter unfolds,
A journey of discovery, of lessons to learn,
In the vast universe, a stardust concern.

So, don’t ask me where I am from,
For I’m a traveler, a solivagant, a nomad of some,
In the chapters of life, I find my place,
Continuing the story, with grace and embrace.