ripple effect

Ripple Effect

The waves that crash within us
meet the shore,
A symphony of echoes,
vast and deep,
Where every tide is linked,
And secrets of the cosmos
gently sleep.

A seed of kindness,
sown in fertile ground,
Can bloom in distant fields,
unseen, unknown,
A ripple spreading out,
with gentle sound,
To touch the hearts where
seeds of pain have grown.

The dance of life,
in spiral, ever turns,
From stardust spun,
to galaxies ablaze,
Where dust of fallen stars
to planets burns,
And life ignites in countless,
starlit ways.

We are the breath,
the branches of the tree,
Roots intertwined,
beneath the boundless sky,
So let us care,
with love and harmony,
And watch the world
in vibrant chorus sigh.