Apriority Fantasy

An Apriority Fantasy Of Numbness

Drifting in the lake of breath,

Amused by the taste of death.

Entertainment world living under skies of shame.

Sitting on shoulders minds insane.


Stabbed by a sudden breeze.

Ancient pain floods under the knees.

Screaming voices crawled in the ears.

Confused echo splashed into dripping tears.


Drowned deep, a sinful truth,

Captured by illusion of fear loosed.

Divest the temple, walk through.

A vision of sun, bright and doomed.


Sniffing the words of our lords.

Blessed by anger, wrapped with thoughts.

Baptized by the god of gold.

Lonely on their knees and cold.


Satirist, take your pride down.

Discipline slap you need, not a diamond crown.

Love you preach, and an emerald cross is on the clown.

Have respect and glorify the dawn.


Greed playing hide and seek,

With mirrors broken, one day to bleed.

Today moral values are freak.

Find forgiveness in your spoiled seed.