A world so vast, yet tightly bound,
Knowledge flows, a river’s stream,
Unaware of what is found.

Emotions dance, a distant dream,
Within the heart’s complex array,
Full of colors, yet they seem

To slip and fade, like twilight’s ray,
In touch with stars, the cosmic sea,
Simultaneously far away.

Let connection bloom, let hearts be free,
Kindness, respect, love’s sweet decree,
Acts that bind, a symphony.

Obligation’s weight, let it not be,
Fear’s shadow, a fading hue,
Blow not your trumpet, false and glee.

In this dance of souls, old and new,
Whose pleasure reigns, who’s pleased, who’s true?

Respect the notes that life imbue,
Harmony’s embrace, a gift to share,
A spice named gratitude, a brew

Of thankfulness, an art to care,
Gratitude, love’s seed to sow,
An ingredient rare, so rare.

With love, we weave, our spirits glow,
In this journey of highs and lows,
Gratitude, the river’s flow.