an invite

An Invite

The pages turn,
The lessons learned.
Yesterday’s story,
In shadows blurred.

Here and now,
A sacred vow.
No echoes of the past,
Only blessings cast.

A dance in time,
A rhythm sublime.
Journey to the start,
A compassionate heart.

From fractures deep,
New love will seep.
The universe’s art,
Love notes to impart.

Whispers below,
Stars’ radiant glow.
Dreams turned real,
Wishes heal.

To give is to gain,
A life’s gentle rain.
Gifts we bestow,
A river’s flow.

A cycle spins,
Where life begins.
Endings and new,
Horizons in view.

Life’s tender touch,
Curiosity as such.
Questions arise,
Truth in our eyes.

Vibrations thrum,
Curiosity hum.
A dance of creation,
Life’s grand narration.

Meaning or delight,
In the heart’s light.
Faith’s gentle grace,
Lessons we embrace.

A journey’s quest,
In choices blessed.
Each path we tread,
A truth ahead.

Invisible strings,
Connected beings.
A world anew,
Love pure and true.

Beyond the pane,
Open hearts gain.
No need for disguise,
Inviting, open skies.

Home’s embrace,
Love’s gentle grace.
A welcome bright,
In shared light.