bag of choices

Bag Of Choices

Why do we esteem ourselves too much merit?
Why do we relieve ourselves of our beneficial deeds?
Why do we ignore the scale of our wisdom practice?

Why do we exaggerate and understate?
Does why matter?

Why spend time finding and placing blame?
Why spend time crafting reasons and excuses?
Why spend time convincing a pack of a root cause?

Your bag of choices,
Leave not at wound scene.
Bouncing from one extreme
To the opposite of what’s seen.

You are wise, you have understanding,
And tools of knowledge you mastered.

The energy and frequency is you.
Walk as you wish, your own created path.
At vibrations of your choice.

Go ahead, the road is open.
Yours it is, no one walked it before.
Live life as you choose.

Do no harm, and attend to.