Be A Poem

In the realm of verses, I find my place,
A canvas of words, a boundless space.
In the weave of language, I’m a vital link,
A stanza’s pulse, where thoughts and ink converge.

Each stanza a brushstroke, vivid and bold,
A story untold, a dream to unfold.
From the heart’s whispers to the mind’s delight,
I shape emotions, in day and night.

Lines like rivers, flowing free,
Infinite thoughts, a boundless sea.
Emotions captured, vivid and bright,
Guiding hearts through the darkest night.

Within the lines, I’m a world’s embrace,
A refuge for souls in a chaotic chase.
In the tranquil meadows and turbulent seas,
I conjure images, sensations, and pleas.

I can be a lighthouse in the darkest storm,
Guiding lost ships, keeping them warm.
Or a gentle breeze on a summer’s day,
Caressing your thoughts in a soothing way.

With metaphors, I paint a rainbow’s grace,
In similes, I mirror the human race.
I’m the mirror reflecting your deepest yearn,
A vessel for wisdom, a lesson to learn.

Yet, in my verses, I’m more than ink and page,
I’m the conduit of passion, love, and rage.
A mirror to life’s grand, ever-turning wheel,
In Be a Poem, I reveal what’s real.

From sonnets of love to epics of old,
In every tale, a story to be told.
I’m a symphony of words, a poet’s lore,
In the world of verses, I am forevermore.

So, heed the call, let your thoughts take flight,
Be a Poem in the day’s soft light.
In the ink’s embrace or the digital stream,
Craft your verses, let them be your dream.

With every word, a world takes form,
A symphony of thoughts, a poetic norm.
In whispers soft or thunder’s roar,
I am the poem, forevermore.

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