beneath the hunger's shroud

Beneath the Hunger’s Shroud

In shadows cast
by yearning’s cruel delight,
A hunger deep,
a thirst that burns like an endless night.
A child’s lament,
a fervent, desperate cry,
Denied, the hunger festers,
burning like a pyre.

The echo of want,
a haunting refrain,
In the corridors of the soul,
it remains.
A hunger, insatiable,
a silent scream,
Entwined with desperation,
a captive plea.

Yet as time unfolds
its unyielding scroll,
The hunger festers,
takes its heavy toll.
An ember that glows,
devouring every part,
A symphony of longing,
tearing asunder the heart.

Denied, it grows,
a relentless tide,
A tempest of desire,
nowhere to hide.
The hunger devours,
an internal strife,
A dance with shadows,
the essence of life.

A vortex where cravings spiral,
leading deep into the soul’s mire,
For in hunger’s clutches,
countless lives have lied.
A dichotomy emerges,
a dance with fate’s cruel expanse,
Hunger consumes,
a dance with death’s advance.

In the stillness,
whispers of desires unheeded,
A hunger devouring,
an insidious creed.
Yet in the heart’s depths,
a glimmer of breath,
a beacon of hope,
a chance to rise from hunger’s depth.

For in the hunger’s wake,
resilience may rise,
A phoenix born from
where desperation lies.
To navigate
hunger’s labyrinthine breath,
Find solace, redemption,
and a path to rebirth.

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