beyond the veil

Beyond the Veil

Beneath the city’s ceaseless hum,
George lived, a beat, a strum.
A life in loops, in circles spun,
Yearning for the hidden sun.

Found, a book, in shadows cast,
Whispers of a vast, vast past.
Spheres of light, of love, of fear,
Guiding to what’s truly dear.

Through the noise, a silent plea,
A path unfolds, a key to the sea
Of stars, of dreams, of endless skies,
Where truth outruns the web of lies.

Ancient wisdom, sages old,
Stories of the brave, the bold.
Journeys through the heart’s deep cave,
Finding what the soul did crave.

Light to dark, from earth to fire,
Ascending high, ever higher.
Realms unfold, secrets told,
In the embrace of the fold.

Encounters with the self and more,
Lessons from the core’s deep core.
Love, the guide, the driving force,
Setting the lost ship on course.

In valleys where the shadows play,
George faced the end of day.
Inner battles, silent roars,
Opening of new-found doors.

From the ashes, rise, anew,
Heart aglow, perspective true.
A world transformed, vision clear,
Love’s quiet voice, the only seer.

Beyond the veil, a realm so bright,
Where beings dance in pure delight.
Speaking not, but heart to heart,
In unity, they play their part.

Back to roots, yet forward still,
Spreading light, love’s sweet thrill.
A bridge between, a conduit,
Healing wounds, in pursuit

Of a future, bright and kind,
Visions of a united mind.
A planet’s cry, a whispered song,
Calling home, where all belong.

George’s journey, ours to share,
A reminder to care, to dare.
To craft a story, bold and new,
In the dance of the eternal blue.