grandpa Joseph

Echoes from the Old Armchair

In the evening’s gentle glow, Grandpa’s wisdom flows,
A fabric of life, with threads that glisten and grow.
“Life,” he speaks softly, “is a passage, a sacred show,
A masterpiece crafted from the many, the solo.”

“Truth, a delicate bird, in every moment it flies,
Reality, a canvas, painted under our shared skies.
Pause, breathe, in the rush of days, be wise,
For in each step, the path to heaven quietly lies.”

“Seven steps to transcend, from ground to beyond,
Awareness, Kindness, Knowledge — bonds fond,
Understanding, Love, Wisdom, correspond,
Oneness, the final stride, of which we’re all fond.”

“A tree of knowledge stands, roots sturdy, branches tall,
Fruit but a brief dance, beneath the cosmic ball.
Seed, root, trunk — eternal calls,
In life’s garden, under the vast, celestial hall.”

“Life’s value not in hours, but in the company we keep,
A gardener of peace, in a land wide and deep.
Your ‘I’, a melody, a gentle peep,
The captain of your voyage, across the vast, blue sweep.”

“In the orchestra of existence, each plays a unique part,
A beacon of hope, straight from the heart.
Life, a companion, in all its art,
Embrace, treasure, from the start.”

“Nature, our mentor, our ally, our mate,
In its splendor, our sorrows abate.
Rooted, reaching, against the winds of fate,
In giving, we discover, our most authentic state.”

“Life’s journey, a dance, not a quest for the end,
From the world, we take, we learn, we mend,
Not in our takings, but in what we send,
In acts of kindness, our spirits ascend.”

“As dawn unfolds, a new chapter, a gentle bend,
We, the dreamers, with hearts to lend.
In every small deed, the world we tend,
Our legacy, our love, the message we intend.”

“Live, not just endure, to life be a kindred,
In its cycles, its hues, let your love be heard.
For life is the canvas, the medium, the word,
In every heartbeat, a shared song is stirred.”

“Grandeur not in conquests, but in connections, deep and vast,
In every face, a narrative, a shared past.
Our lives, mere flashes, in time’s enormous cast,
Yet in each, a universe, vast.”

“Voice your truth, let your melody soar,
In life’s great narrative, let your spirit roar.
The pen in your grasp, the horizon your door,
In your heart’s silent strength, your dreams explore.”

Grandpa’s voice, a soft murmur, a gentle invite,
Left in the stillness, wisdom’s light,
An invitation to live, in the wide night,
A heart’s journey, where dreams take flight.