blessings in life

Blessings Woven in Life

May your life be a rich fabric woven with blessings,
Each thread carrying the mark of awareness.
Awaken each morning to the sun’s tender embrace,
And find slumber beneath the moon’s radiant face.

May love serve as your daily compass and guide,
Leaving you humble, not filled with pride.
Be proud of the kin you’ve grown to be,
Reflecting your essence for all to see.

See the world through your own, wise eyes,
Uninfluenced by others’ deceptive ties.
May your days be filled with unwavering smiles,
And your hours blend laughter with wisdom in style.

Let inspiration, affection, and warmth grace your days,
As you give and receive love in countless ways.
In the spaces between hearts, where connections ignite,
Love thrives, creating joy, pure and bright.