harmony of the heart

Harmony of the Heart: Beyond Numbers

In the realm of numbers,
we dare to explore,
Yet, love’s equations,
they hold something more.
Three plus one may not
yield four’s embrace,
Nor subtracting three from
four in the same space.

When divided,
math’s rules start to fade,
For the heart’s arithmetic
can’t be displayed.
In its chambers,
emotions softly hum,
Where numbers and
logic succumb.

Three and three together,
we may believe,
Yet six minus three,
a different truth conceives.
Dividing these,
you’ll find no simple sum,
For love’s mysteries
are second to none.

In the heart’s domain,
equations bend,
As one equals all,
and all in the end.
One by zero,
an enigmatic show,
In love’s boundless universe,
we freely flow.

So, heed what the heart
silently bestows,
In its whispers,
the deepest wisdom flows.
For it knows of unity,
hidden from sight,
In its gentle rhythm,
it finds the light.