canvas of the soul

Canvas of the Soul

In the canvas of life, we find our way,
A lesson, a chance, a bright and hopeful day.
With knowledge as our guide, we set our sail,
To seek the truths that in our hearts prevail.

Imagination, our compass, paints the sky,
Creating dreams that in our minds do fly.
Paths unfurl like rivers of lucid dreams, free,
In the boundless landscape of possibility.

We stand beneath the stars, so far and wide,
In the world of our own, side by side.
For in belief, our world takes its form,
A symphony of existence, uniquely warm.

There’s no one answer, no single creed,
In this world, where countless truths proceed.
Zero and infinity, a paradox we find,
A mystery, a riddle, a question for the mind.

Who we are is the world we have conceived,
In life’s canvas, our stories interweaved.
Diverse morals, like colors, paint our soul,
A kaleidoscope of values, making us whole.

In this creation, compassion’s the thread,
That binds our hearts, where love is spread.
With understanding, may we all unite,
In the canvas of life, so brilliant and bright.

May your canvas ever be rearranging,
A mirror of your inner grace, so free,
And may your soul forever dance,
In the radiance of creativity’s echoes.