curiosity & knowledge

Curiosity’s Compass: The Alchemy of Purpose

Knowledge and curiosity, twin flames,
Must align in the dance of life.
What do I know? What ignites my wonder?
Here lies my strength, my gift unfurled.

Who drinks from the well of my knowing?
Whose lives are touched by my quest?
In this intersection, purpose blooms,
A garden of meaning, carefully tressed.

How do they grow from seeds I’ve sown?
What feelings flourish in their hearts?
In their joy, in their progress,
I find the chord of a life well-lived.

We don’t arrive complete, yet we’re whole,
With all we need to shape our song.
Life’s a canvas, awaiting our brush,
To paint the notes where we belong.

We name the world as we perceive it,
Adding our verse to life’s refrain.
Not to disturb but to enhance,
The harmony of joy and pain.

We see the visible, touch the tangible,
Sense the unseen hovering near.
Yet earth’s deep heart, the void’s expanse,
Remain beyond our mortal sphere.

All we need for joy and growth,
Lies within our reach, our sight.
In eyes we meet, in stars above,
In air we breathe, in day and night.

Knowledge and curiosity entwined,
Light the path to wisdom’s door.
In seeking, sharing, and reflecting,
We find what life is for.