dimensions and connections

Dimensions of Connection

In realms of instinct, where battles ignite,
Survival’s dance, the eternal fight.
Nature’s canvas painted deep and wide,
Beyond the fray, a humble stride.

Humility, the spark, a connection’s grace,
In love’s vibration, we find our place.
Friendships formed with energy and light,
Elevate us to dimensions pure and bright.

Gratitude blooms, a gift’s embrace,
Awareness, appreciation, a civilized trace.
Thank you, a chorus felt so true,
Compassion’s desire, to give back, to do.

Understanding dawns, the meaning unfolds,
Knowledge, emotional truth it holds.
In depths of connections, we elevate,
Goodness multiplies, it’s never too late.

Give good, receive goodness, it’s said,
Give bad, and evil’s path you may tread.
We become what we’re willing to share,
Elevate ourselves, love and care.

The final destination, a harmony’s call,
Contributing, adding, standing tall.
No subtraction, just unity’s grace,
In this dimension, we find our place.

So let’s elevate, you, me, us all,
Together, in harmony, we’ll stand tall.
In this journey of life, we shall thrive,
Through connection and love, we’ll truly arrive.