Solivagant Serenity

Amidst the world,
I choose to roam alone,
A solivagant soul,
on paths unknown.
Beneath the open sky,
I find my way,
With every step,
a new dawn’s light of day.

No map or guide to
lead me on this quest,
Just nature’s whispers,
as I am blessed.
Through forests dense
and mountains tall I tread,
With solitude,
my only trusted thread.

The solitude, a canvas
vast and wide,
Where I, the painter,
find a place to hide.
I brush the world
with colors all my own,
In solitude,
my spirit’s fully grown.

In silence,
I discover who I am,
A solivagant,
a solitary lamb.
Through deserts, fields, and oceans,
I’ll persist,
For in this solitude,
I find my bliss.

The world’s a window
of endless views,
But in my solivagant path,
I choose
To find the beauty
in the quiet breeze,
To wander on,
my soul at perfect ease.

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