secrets of eternity

Secrets of Eternity

In shadows deep, you whispered low,
Revealing truths that hide and flow,
Confessions screamed, a secret dance,
A fragile love, a fleeting chance.

Beneath the soil, roots intertwine,
Love’s demise, a cruel design,
Before its birth, it met its fate,
A tale of longing, love’s weight.

Time suspended, moments cast,
Between each breath, a memory’s grasp,
Sins within the sacred verse,
Life’s fleeting span, a cosmic hearse.

If I were me, I’d wait so long,
What’s the rush, where do we belong?
In the realm of never, I’d reside,
No worry’s touch, no tears to hide.

A call unheard, a tearful plea,
Did you sense my fall, my agony?
Trapped within the frozen light,
A fading star, lost in the night.

Moments linger, space prevails,
Between the lines, a story trails,
Life and death, an endless span,
A journey woven, a mortal plan.

If I were me, I’d wait with grace,
No need to hurry, in love’s embrace,
Never learned the word “farewell,”
No worries linger, no fears to quell.

Forgive the burden, the noise I’ve stirred,
Apologies whispered, your heart deferred,
Once upon a time, the final bend,
A tale concluded, where memories blend.