poetry. verses. soul

Verses of the soul

In gardens of the soul, where verses bloom,
Dreams unfurl, a guide through life’s own room.
Poetry’s beauty, like dawn’s golden ray,
Revealed in growth, where hearts find their own way.

With ink-stained hands, we write our tale,
Each word a brushstroke, lifting the veil,
From whispered dreams to courage found,
In every stanza, life’s echoes resound.

Through introspection’s tender grace,
We navigate life’s trigon maze,
In verses spun, we seek to find,
The deeper truths within the mind.

And as we wander, hand in hand,
With poetry’s magic, we understand,
The symphony of life’s grand design,
In every stanza, a star will shine.

Let each heartbeat be a verse of fire,
A celebration, a sacred choir,
In poetry’s embrace, we find our home,
Where life’s beauty and growth freely roam.