Echoes of Solitude In a River of Tears

In the cave of solitude,
I found my voice,
Amidst the shadows,
where despair’s the choice,
I screamed,
and in the silence,
made my noise.

God’s echo whispered
from the rocky wall,
Screams of pain
are chants for joy
an anthem for all.

Loneliness, a chasm,
deep and wide,
Yet in its depths,
our souls must bide,
To learn that suffering
is a tide.

Tears flow like
a river’s ceaseless course,
Through valleys of emotion,
finding their source,
Each drop a story
that reveals life’s true force.

For in the darkness,
seeds of strength take root,
Through tears and anguish,
we find the route,
To joy that blooms,
like a steadfast shoot.

So, scream your sorrows
to the moon above,
In loneliness,
find the strength to love,
For pain’s the forge
where the soul’s made of.