evolving evolution

Evolving Evolution

In a digital realm where lives unfold,
Hundreds of millions, stories told.
Yet one-on-one connection wanes,
Group followers echo their refrains.

Ten tweets and replies, a window’s glance,
Revealing desires, in a social dance.
Happiness, loneliness, all laid bare,
In cyberspace’s vast, shared affair.

Human nature’s depths, both light and dark,
Spiritual awareness, a distant spark.
Survival’s instinct, etched in our core,
Meaning to actions, we’ve assigned galore.

Evil’s seed, fear’s fertile ground,
Kept at bay, but lurking, unbound.
Close yet distant, hearts held apart,
Safety’s illusion grips every heart.

Hatred’s fire, revenge its flame,
Grouped resentment, hearts aflame.
Homeland wounds, inflicted deep,
Revenge sought, memories to keep.

In bonds of love, we often tread,
Paying a price for another’s thread.
Winner, loser, the tale unfolds,
A cycle repeated, history retold.

Terrified, we share our soul’s terrain,
In the digital hallways, we remain.
Knowledge’s power, a double-edged sword,
In shadows, vulnerabilities are stored.

Creation’s call, amidst survival’s strife,
A yearning for more than mere life.
Worlds intertwined, physical, spiritual blend,
Signals unseen, frequencies extend.

Enlightenment’s promise, a distant shore,
Living as nature does, at its core.
Needs met by Earth’s nurturing hand,
Unity’s truth, a timeless strand.

Leaders of thought, philosophers and minds,
In harmony’s chorus, humanity binds.
Basic rights, gratitude’s embrace,
A future envisioned, a kinder space.

Politics, divisions, we cast aside,
Respecting privacy, where hearts confide.
Sharing among friends, a sacred trust,
In vulnerability, our souls adjust.

Evolving beyond conquest’s quest,
A world of harmony, we manifest.
Material fades, perceptions bloom,
Body and spirit, in tandem, consume.

A hope that springs from deep within,
Evolution’s journey, where to begin.
Unveiling beings, pure and free,
The essence of us, united and key.