star gaze

Enter The Question Mark

Who called for the stars to join our mud?
A cosmic whisper, a dance of the divine,
Where galaxies twirl and mysteries align,
In a symphony of creation, beyond our mind.

Who mixed the ingredients, a recipe rare?
Time’s patient chef, in the cosmic kitchen,
A pinch of stardust, a dash of ambition,
Life’s elixir brewed, a celestial rendition.

And who planned this occurrence, with purpose so grand?
The architect of cosmos, an artisan of fate,
Laying the threads of destiny, intricate and ornate,
Weaving the tapestry of existence, life’s enchanted land.

So gaze upon the heavens, marvel at the design,
The stars in our mud, a miracle so fine,
In the boundless universe, our spirits intertwined,
A masterpiece of wonder, forever to shine.