I hear your voice

I Hear Your Voice

I hear your voice,
I see your impressions,
Around for thousands of years.

The older you are,
The less individual freedom
You allow.

As time passes,
More freedom is bought,
By collective few.

You dim your light,
You work to buy
Ignorance as truth.

Don’t you worry,
You do what you want,
What you want.

The only truth to follow,
Is the one in our own darkness
That shines.

The seed grows in darkness
Travels the path
Towards light.

It stands tall,
Shines bright,
Gives more than it takes.

Allows freedoms of all
As a natural life
Worth living.

Some get rewarded
More than others
But everyone lived a meaning.

Each in our own

Nurture, grace
And unlocking yourself.

Breaking through the soil,
Towards air, space.
To contribute.

As a witness,
As a director,
As a writer.

A creator,
Within a creator,
Within nothing.

A lucid dream,
Of absolute nothingness.

Reality crafted.

Why make it hell,
When it is heaven.

Today and now,
It is as is as always been
And will be.

Beautiful, given,
And being,
In its own universe.

In its own space
And frequency.

Colliding, sparking,
Creating beauty,
For the beauty.

A witness,
For the witness.

A creator,
Of the creator.