happy couple

Journey to Her Hidden Heart

In the quiet hours of
twilight’s embrace,
A man, love-struck,
his heart quickens its pace.
He turns to his beloved,
eyes locked in her gaze,
And softly he asks,
in a tender, hopeful phrase:

“Dearest, won’t you share
your secret, my dove,
The place where you hide your heart,
your treasure trove?
In the corners of your world,
where your dreams take flight,
May I be your companion,
your guiding light?”

Her eyes, like stars,
they shimmered with grace,
As she pondered his plea
in that intimate space.
With a smile that held secrets,
profound and deep,
She whispered her answer,
her secret to keep:

“My love, come with me,
to the edge of the night,
Where the moon softly glows
with its silvery light.
In the haven of dreams,
where our souls intertwine,
You’ll find my hiding place,
in this heart of mine.”

Hand in hand, they ventured,
their hearts in accord,
To the place where her love,
like a river, poured.
In the tender moonlight,
their souls found their way,
To her secret hiding place,
where forever they’d stay.