secrets of the forest

Secrets of Enchanted Grove

In the heart of a forest,
where shadows dance with grace,
Lies my secret hiding place,
a sanctuary, a sacred space.
A grove of ancient trees,
their branches intertwined,
Where whispers of the leaves
reveal secrets undefined.

Beneath the emerald canopy,
the world is hushed and still,
As if time itself stands
in reverence to my will.
Mossy pillows greet my feet,
as I step with quiet care,
Into this realm untouched
by worldly wear and tear.

The babbling brook, a serenade,
in its crystal-clear refrain,
Sings tales of bygone ages,
a soothing, timeless strain.
Its waters mirror the heavens,
where stars forever gleam,
Reflecting constellations,
in the shimmer of each dream.

Amongst the ferns and fern allies,
my footsteps softly tread,
Where foxgloves bloom in secrets,
of purple, blue, and red.
Nature’s palette paints the air,
with colors rich and deep,
In this sacred, hidden grove,
where my secrets safely keep.

In the heart of this haven,
I find solace and release,
A place where my soul may rest,
where my worries find their peace.
The rustling leaves above me,
the gentle winds that sigh,
They guard my whispered confessions,
beneath the endless sky.

So, here it lies, my refuge,
my haven, my delight,
A secret hiding place,
where day turns into night.
In the embrace of nature,
where beauty’s essence weaves,
My secret hiding place,
where my heart eternally believes.