leaves of resilience

Leaves of Resilience

Amid life’s boundless tree of days,
Where troubles and worries find their ways,
They’re but leaves, in the grand display,
With the season’s dance, they’ll fade away.

In spring’s embrace, as hope takes flight,
Blossoms bloom in the warming light,
Troubles too shall loosen their grip,
And worries, like leaves, let go and slip.

As summer’s sun paints the sky so blue,
Life’s vibrant hues in every view,
Our burdens, like leaves, may still hang on,
But with time’s grace, they will soon be gone.

Autumn whispers, a gentle call,
Leaves of worry, one by one, shall fall,
Crimson, gold, and amber they turn,
In the cycle of life, there’s much to learn.

Then winter comes, a time to rest,
When all is calm, and we are blessed,
For troubles and worries, now transformed,
Into memories, in the heart’s warm norm.

Remember well, in life’s grand hall,
Troubles and worries, both big and small,
Like leaves in the wind, they’ll flutter away,
In the season of growth, to a brighter day.

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