truth and love

Love And Truth

Love reveals the truth




In realms where hearts entwine their fate,
Where love’s sweet whispers resonate,
A truth profound, like stars aglow,
Love’s tender touch, its depths bestow.

In love’s embrace, a sacred space,
Where masks dissolve, revealing grace,
The armor falls, defenses cease,
And hidden truths find sweet release.

Through tender gaze and gentle sighs,
Love’s alchemy, no need for lies,
It beckons forth the hidden core,
A truth that’s deeper than before.

In shadows cast by doubts and fears,
Love’s radiance dries sorrow’s tears,
A mirror true, reflecting clear,
The essence of a soul sincere.

Yet, not just joys and laughter find,
Their way through love’s enchanting bind,
For even pain and wounds concealed,
Can in love’s refuge be revealed.

Love’s crucible, both fierce and kind,
Unveils the secrets intertwined,
The scars, the flaws, all hues and shades,
In love’s soft glow, no part evades.

So, “Love reveals the truth,” I say,
In every dawn and twilight’s sway,
In whispered vows and laughter’s spree,
Love paints a canvas, raw and free.

In every touch and whispered word,
In passions felt, in voices heard,
Love weaves a tapestry divine,
Where truth and grace forever twine.

Oh, love, your power knows no bounds,
In you, the hidden world resounds,
With you, we find our deepest selves,
In truth’s embrace, our heart’s shelves.

So let us cherish love’s embrace,
A journey shared, a sacred space,
Where truth unfurls its wings to soar,
In love’s eternal, boundless chore.