what is peace

What Is Peace?

Peace is love in silence.
Noise not sound
hampers our creativity of living
on the possible side of life.
Peace is love in silence.

In the hush of tranquil skies above,
Where whispers of serenity softly weave,
A truth profound, like stars aligned,
“Peace is love in silence,” we find.

Not merely absence of clamorous din,
But a symphony of stillness, deep within,
A canvas where love’s hues unfold,
In quietude’s embrace, stories untold.

For noise, though sound may it be,
Can shroud the soul’s true harmony,
In its raucous dance, it blinds the heart,
And creativity’s spark struggles to impart.

Amid the chaos, we often miss,
The wonders that in silence exist,
Where dreams take root and gently thrive,
And the spirit finds solace to truly arrive.

Oh, let not the clamor obstruct our view,
Of the realm where potential glistens true,
In the possible side of life’s grand design,
Where peace, as love, in silence aligns.

A resplendent symphony, quiet and pure,
Where the soul’s longing finds its cure,
In stillness, we uncover love’s graceful dance,
And in peace, we find our truest chance.

So, let us pause in quiet reverence,
Embrace the power of love’s eloquence,
For in the hush, we truly come alive,
“Peace is love in silence,” let it thrive.