naked at mirror

Naked At The Mirror

Naked at the mirror’s grace,
I seek the secrets of night’s embrace.
Beyond the stars’ celestial gleam,
I cast my soul into the stream.

Through mystic realms, I amble free,
Lost in the horizon of memory.
Within the labyrinth of my mind,
I trace the paths I left behind.

A dance with time, a whispered trance,
In the depths of thought, I chance.
Bewildered echoes softly call,
As I journey through memory’s hall.

Through veils of time, I dare to peep,
Into the moments mine to keep.
In reminiscence, I’m ensnared,
A symphony of life declared.

Naked at the mirror’s frame,
I confront the echoes of my name.
In starlight’s glow, I find my place,
A voyage through time and space.

Naked at the mirror
I search the night.
Behind the stars’ light
I throw myself.
And to my bewildered reminiscence
I always catch myself.

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