orgasm of flower

Orgasm of Flower

Welcome to the horizon of self-comfort
Where music is the tone of my voice
And silence warms my words

Where we smile like the birth of a new life
And cry like the arrival of a new child

Swim with me naked and play in the now
Oh ouch baby the angels are jealous

Feel your bones melt like mine
In the heat of our desire

It’s holy insane
To only love you

My lust is rising
An appetite
And a hard is on

I want you

Let’s create passion my love
Allow the sun to embrace our tender moon

Let’s make love and burn doubt
With the sweat of our joined bodies
Feel me at the sacred verge

Open wide
The immaculate conception

I am inside you my star
I can’t hold it any longer

Angel’s seeding and juice
Come yeah come with me

Until you and I
Flower beyond
An orgasm of life