richness of life

The Richness of My Life

In the treasury of my being,
I am rich,
not in gold, but in soul,
Love resides in the
chambers of my mind,
and each word I utter
carries purpose,
a brushstroke
on the canvas of existence.

I am rich.
For kindness,
a gentle current,
flows through my actions.
I am opulent
in the currency of learning,
growing with each
dawn’s erudite embrace.
Faith matures in the crucible
of experience,
and wisdom of my heart
graces me
like the morning sun.

I am rich
in the beauty
of the earth,
in the laughter
of children,
the song of a bird.
I am rich
in the love
of family and friends,
In the simple joys
that life transcends.

I am rich
in the journey,
in the lessons learned,
the transformations.
I am rich
in the moments,
big and small,
In the love that binds us,
one and all.

I am rich
in life,
and I am blessed,
To experience all that
it has to offer, the best.
For true wealth is not
measured in gold,
But in the heart’s riches, untold.

Life, a perpetual dance,
my energy, my fullness.
In movement,
I am still.
And every moment,
a wealth to be treasured.

In this narrative of existence,
life is mine,
but who claims ownership
in the face of inevitable departure?

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