wind song

The Tranquil Symphony of Wind

In silence, with closed eyes, I sit,
And let the world around me quit.
I tune my ears to nature’s grace,
To feel the wind in its embrace.

The rustling leaves, a gentle sound,
Like whispers from the Earth’s own ground.
Through branches, wind begins to weave,
A symphony, which hearts believe.

It’s more than just a passing breeze,
It’s like a magnet, if you please,
Drawing me closer to its call,
A cosmic force that can enthrall.

The wind’s song stretches my mind’s wings,
Unveiling truths that silence brings.
It touches me deep in my soul,
A melody that makes me whole.

In this communion with the air,
I find a peace beyond compare.
A cleansing of the mind and heart,
Where inner worlds and winds depart.

So close your eyes, and do attend,
To nature’s music, be a friend.
Let wind’s sweet song your spirit guide,
In its embrace, serenely bide.