wish for you

Whispers of Blessings

I hope for you a life attuned to all that’s bright,
Awakened each morn by the sun’s gentle light.
As you rest, may the moon cast its calming embrace,
Reflecting its smile, a serene, soothing grace.

May love be your guide in each daily endeavor,
Infusing your habits with kindness, forever.
May you stand tall and proud, your kin by your side,
A reflection of pureness, in you they confide.

May your gaze not be clouded by others’ disguise,
But see through the veils with your keen, knowing eyes.
A day full of smiles, let your heart be your guide,
With each passing moment, let joy be your stride.

May your hours be manifold, rich and complete,
With laughter and wisdom, your journey replete.
In the colors of life, may you ascend,
With each trial and triumph, may your spirit transcend.

May inspiration embrace you with its tender hold,
Cheers and affection, like stories untold.
May warmth be your cloak on the coldest of days,
And love be your anthem, in harmonious praise.

I give you my love, and you give yours too,
In the space that’s between us, love ever anew.
With every heartbeat, with every connection,
Love weaves its magic, a profound intersection.

So I wish for you love, in its purest form,
A life blessed by love, a haven from the storm.
May your days be aglow with its radiant light,
Guiding your path, forever shining so bright.

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