Guiding Light

Guiding Light Through Night’s Veil

Whisper soft, don’t shed a tear,
Let go the worry, release the fear,
Nestled in dreams, you’re cradled in bed,
The nightmare’s illusion, all in your head.

Trick of the mind, it played its game,
Painted the ache, stoked the inner flame,
A loved one’s departure, a cruel charade,
Life’s fleeting dance, by shadows portrayed.

But now arises, a chance anew,
Awake and aware, the world in view,
Has the dream ceased or only just begun,
In the light of day, in the rising sun?

A secret realm where I find my way,
Through midnight’s door, where doubts sway,
Once present, yet hidden from sight,
You were by my side, in the still of night.

In this haven, lessons unfold,
Facing the past, rewinding stories untold,
Through the labyrinth of thoughts, we roam,
Guided by the whims of the mind’s inner tome.

In an alternate realm, we take command,
A world of magic, both vast and grand,
In a sudden shift, a new dimension unfurls,
A symphony of wonder, where magic swirls.

I’ll stand by your side, through night and day,
Guide your journey, light the way,
In the quiet embrace of lucid dreams,
A sanctuary of peace, or so it seems.

Open your mind, break the walls so strong,
No longer confined, in dreams, you belong,
A new horizon, where freedom sings,
A canvas of possibilities, on ethereal wings.

A soul unshackled, soaring high,
In the realm of dreams, we learn to fly,
A voyage inwards, a journey vast,
Through time and space, an illusion cast.

Master of dreams, the guide within,
Awaken to the truth, let the journey begin,
In the tapestry of nights, you’ll see,
The power of dreams, setting your spirit free.

I’ll watch o’er you, in shadows’ embrace,
Guiding your steps, through time and space,
A silent presence, a calming light,
Together we’ll conquer the realm of night.