Within The Breath of Dreams

In search of endings bathed in light,
We yearn for tales where wrong turns right,
A father’s love, a guiding hand,
A forgiving God to understand.

We seek escape from shadows deep,
To find a place where sorrows sleep,
Yearning for someone to erase,
The struggles we can’t seem to face.

Oh, how we long for skies to clear,
For someone else to conquer fear,
To lift the weight of doubt and woe,
And make our hearts and minds aglow.

Yet midst the dreams that we pursue,
A truth emerges, clear and true,
The path to joy, to love, to peace,
Resides within, it finds release.

To dwell within the home we crave,
To conquer storms, ourselves to save,
A transformation to be won,
For unity with self’s begun.

The whispered secret softly sighs,
In pauses where our hopes arise,
Between the words, the spaces, breath,
Lies the answer, life’s true depth.

No distant savior, hand held high,
Can mend our wings, teach us to fly,
The journey inward, step by stride,
The key to where our dreams reside.

So let us learn to heal and mend,
To trust the journey, self, and friend,
For in the space where heartbeats roam,
We’ll find the happiness we’ve known.