wrap your arms

Wrap Your Arms Around You

Wrap your arms around you
Give yourself a warm hug
You may be grown up and old
But inside you’re still a child

You’ve passed the station
Of asking no more
And you’ve arrived to a stop
Of not wanting what you need

You love many
And you are loved
But the devil’s footsteps quietly approach
Through the people you love

How can one survives in this world
Without declaring their wants and needs?
With others falsely knowing and
Speaking words that claim your needs?

How can you live
By feeling the need to ask?
When will the uninvited devil walk in?
When will the body rest?

Giving is a gift, not everyone feels

Flooding out of them
Saving and possessing is a curse,
That most feel occupied with

Who is a more willing soul
Than an earth angel
To pay for the wrongs and hurt
That others infected on you

Mother, what would become of me?
Father, where will I be?
Brother, what do you see?
Sister, how do you feel?

You came whole
They broke you
Wrap your arms around your whole self
Feel warmth of your complete embrace

Deep breath

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