embrace wholeness

Embrace of Wholeness

Embrace yourself with open arms,
Wrap in warmth, dispel life’s qualms.
Though grown and old, inside, a child’s heart,
Passing stations, stops, we play our part.

No more asking, needs unspoken,
Desires hidden, hearts half-broken.
Love surrounds, yet shadows creep,
Through those we cherish, secrets seep.

Surviving here, a silent plea,
In a world where needs should be set free.
Words of others, claiming what’s untrue,
Living through questions, when will we rest too?

To give is a gift, a selfless grace,
Yet hoarding and owning can leave no space.
A willing soul, like an earthy angel’s wing,
Pays for wrongs, forgiveness they bring.

Mother, what lies ahead for me?
Father, where’s my destiny?
Brother, what lies in your gaze?
Sister, how does your heart’s fire blaze?

Once whole, now fractured and scarred,
Yet within, resilience is never barred.
Embrace your entirety, your inner grace,
Feel the warmth of your self-embrace.