I’d Rather Breathe Than Speak

I’d rather hum the tunes than sing,
Melodies fill the air like spring.
I don’t use words to break the hush,
The quiet whispers, a gentle rush.

I’ll dance when passion lights my soul,
In rhythms of life, I’ll play my role.
Entertaining moments with care,
Compassion blooms, love we share.

Actions and emotions entwine,
Together, they form a design.
I’ll savor moments, pick and choose,
Feasting on life, win or lose.

In stillness, I find reflections deep,
In movement, my expressions leap.
Diverse yet unified we stand,
Two sides of the same tender hand.

Simplicity in a community’s grace,
A tribe’s embrace, a warm embrace.
Continuity in traditions we keep,
Rituals and memories, buried deep.

Eternal whispers in the breeze,
Time’s fabric woven through the trees.
Forever’s heartbeat in the present’s vow,
Living in the now, then and now.

A circle’s boundless, no end or start,
A triangle’s angles form the heart.
Joy blooms in a family’s embrace,
Calendars marked by art’s embrace.

Marveling at the ordinary’s delight,
The common shines, a glorious sight.
Remarkable hues in the everyday,
In life’s simple dance, we sway.

So let us cherish each fleeting day,
In silence, in words, come what may.
A symphony of moments, grand and small,
Together we stand, embracing all.