Onwards. Why bounce?

In the flow of life’s serene embrace,
Simplicity unfolds with grace.
A journey’s path, a line so straight,
Or circles, destiny’s embrace.

To heights we climb, then back we trace,
A cycle spun, no endless chase.
No pendulum’s wild, eternal dance,
Between opposing circumstance.

Contradictions, principles hold,
A sacred bond, a truth untold.
Foundations firm, where dreams take flight,
In colors shifting, day and night.

Through changing tides and shifting sands,
The core remains, unbroken stands.
Yet treasures kept, in shadows cast,
Can’t shape anew a foundation’s past.

Build wisely now, with love and care,
For what you lay, you’ll always bear.
Empty words and promises past,
Hold no weight, they fade too fast.

Walk onward in life’s natural stream,
A solo journey, or shared dream.
Choose to halt, paths may diverge,
Or hand in hand, your spirits merge.

In love’s embrace, the honest heart,
Speaks truthfully, from every part.
Not just the absence of deceit,
But kindness, boundaries complete.

Facts and feelings intertwine,
Genuine expressions, a design.
A circle of trust, in every tie,
Who remains within, who says goodbye?

The meaning lies within the word,
In truths untamed, a message heard.
So heed the call, embrace the light,
In love’s pure circle, shining bright.